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Nix Visuals highlights the accomplishments of Los Angeles Photographer, Bryant Nix, Southern California native, raised on the sands of Newport Beach. At a youthful age, Bryant Nix grew up respecting nature and cherishing the unexplainable beauty it possesses, and experiencing first hand how truly amazing this world absolutely is. Fortunately, Bryant was honored surrounded by unique incredible individuals during his childhood, quickly inspiration took hold possessing him to utilize a camera before the age of ten years old. Just soon after, Bryant learned a valuable life lesson which transformed his life forever. Acquiring the importance of the time spent with loved ones, Bryant realized photography is a powerful tool. In the present circumstances, Bryant operates a camera with confidence and has the photography experience in any situation and is ready for the opportunity to photograph people at their best. 

Photography wasn't a career option for Bryant growing up. Losing his father at a youthful age, Bryant's father encouragement to be his best always and to NEVER give up, which remains an enormous influence on Bryant's life today. Learning the value of an honest wage growing up taught by his saint of a mother, who disciplined him to work hard for a significant company. Started working at the age of fifteen, Bryant loved learning about business and at eighteen years old became an entrepreneur, commencing his first business. After merging with another company, Bryant continued learning about business while working with some of the most world-class companies in business. It didn't steer him long to discover earnest work and dedication represent the key to every leading performer's success. While performing at the most superior level amongst his peers as a Top Salesman, he also would incorporate photography even though it wasn't his leading position. 

Today Bryant Nix works as a Director of Photography, Photographer, Video Producer, and consulting in Commercial Advertising and Photography & Videography creative services. Bryant is a Photographer for Talent Agencies, taking Portraits of professional models and a Beauty photographer for model portfolios. Bryant has been an Editorial Photographer and embraces the opportunity to shoot Event Photography. Wedding Photography is one of Bryant's favorite opportunities for once in a lifetime moment. Working effectively under pressure Bryant represents the individual that doesn't miss and is a dependable asset people can rely on hiring an experienced photographer. Bryant holds dear to his core values: pride, integrity, honesty, and love. Bryant is a highly experienced professional in every aspect of the business. Photography is Bryant's passion and experiences sincere love bringing people and businesses together for Photography and Videography services. Bryant's clients enjoy his fun no pressure attitude, fast delivery time, eye for detail, and creative view for capturing his subjects. Ready to go above and beyond the call of duty, rest assure choosing Bryant to photograph your Wedding, Portrait photos, commercial advertising campaign. Bryant is the photographer you can count on to get the desired results for excellent photos. Rest a sure you are in the exact place for excellent photography and videography services. Contact Bryant today for all of your Photography and videography service needs. 


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Photo of Bryant Nix Photo of Bryant Nix Copyright © Bryant Nix

Photo of Bryant Nix Photo of Bryant Nix Copyright © Bryant Nix


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