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Bryant Nix Director | Photographer | Videographer Los Angeles California.

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Event Photographer | Videographer

Events | Live Performance Photography

Photography and Video Services By Bryant Nix

Product Lifestyle Photography

Product Lifestyle Photography

Photography and Video Services By Bryant Nix

Nix Visuals Photography & Videography Services in Los Angeles is Photographer Bryant Nix Director of Photography PortfolioContact informationPhotography & Videography quote information, scheduling information, and information about Los Angeles Photographer Bryant Nix. Nix Visuals Highlights Bryant Nix Photography portfolio as a Director of Photography in commercial advertisingLifestyle Photographer, emphasis in fashion photography, experienced agency photographer, model portrait photography, professional headshots photographer, product photographer and e-commerce specialist, with passion for wedding photography, couples portraits engagement photos, wedding photographer, and family portraits.  

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Product Photography & Videography 

Marketing Campaign Photography 

Social Media Marketing Videography

Social Media Marketing Photography 

E-commerce Photography  

Video Will for loved ones (Min. $500) 

Video Will for Assets (Min. $1000)Video Will Assets and loved ones (Min. $1000)

Video Will Assets, Family history, and to loved ones (Min. $2000)

Asset Catalog Photography (Min. $500)

Asset Catalog Photography and Video  (Min. 1,000)

Behind the scene for Movie production (Min. $200) half day

Behind the scene for TV production  (Min. $200) half day

Portraits of Cast and Crew (Min $500) half day

Portraits of Cast and Crew and Behind the scenes  (min $500 Full day)

Lifestyle shots (Min half day $250)

Images for house (Min. $100) 2 hours

Video and Images for house (Min. $250 half day)

Images for Business Building  (Min half day $350)

Images and video for Business Building (Min $450) full day

Images and video for Business with drone aerial ($550)

Images and video for house with drone aerial house (Min $350 

Event coverage Photography (Min. $150 for two hours)

Weddings coverage Videography Photography (Min. $500 for the day)

Weddings coverage Photography (Min. $500 for the day)

Public Relations Ph otography(Min. $250 write up and photo)

Student Photography (Min $100)

Family Portraiture Photography(Min $100)

Professional Head-shot Photography (Min $100)

Maternity Photography  (Min $100)

Couples Photography (Min $100)

Product Images and Video  (Min $100)

Business Information Video  (Min $500) 

Event Photography | Public Relations Photography  (Mim $150) 2 hours 

Event Videography | Public Relations Videography  (Mim $250) 2 hours 

Marketing Campaigns Photography (Min. $500)

Lifestyle  Photography (Min $350) half day

Lifestyle  Videography (Min $350) half day

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